Sizegenetics Review: Does Sizegenetics Extender Work? Before and After Results!

Why is Sizegenetics so effective?`

Lets say you were lifting weights. Your muscle would stretch and cause a micro tear, causing cell duplication and the muscle would get bigger.

Now the  same principle applies to the Sizegenetics. Watch this video to learn more.

How it Works?

Attaching the SizeGenetics traction device to your penis, what happens is a stretching of your penis accrues.

sizegenetics reviewMicro tear happens in the Corpora Cavernous causing the cell to duplicate and as a result your penis will grow.

The more intense the pull the device can give, the bigger your results. Using the SizeGenetic device give a  2,800 grams of traction tension 50% more than other leading devices),

The SizeGenetics device has the best and painless results.

Before and after

penis Extender

SizeGenetics Guarantee – A Bigger Penis Or Your Money Back


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